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Cover Loves Episode 2 – James Bond

The London Herald

In 2008 Penguin released hardback editions of Ian Fleming’s James Bond books. Before, the James Bond covers had been forgettable and very recently kind of a like a cartoon scribble with lots of bright colours and images. (These were the covers I had – no idea who published them since I don’t own those books any more)

Thankfully Penguin understood that things needed to change. They hired Michael Gillette who went and redesigned and redrew every cover. The end result was, and still is, pretty spectacular. When the books were released I remember Waterstones (back in the day when they had an apostrophe in there) giving away postcard packs of the covers. They went on my wall that day and are still up there. At first my Mum found it hilarious that I had a bunch of semi-naked women all over the place, now it’s normal.

It’s really hard to choose between…

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